It’s Valentine’s Day !

"Chocolates & flowers for me"

“Chocolates & flowers for me”

Yesterday, I said to myself that Valentine’s Day(Feb. 14, 2013, Thursday) will just be another Thursday to me. For some girls who are in a relationship, they might have a surpriseĀ  morning red roses outside their door, a bag of chocolates & other ‘sweets’, a romantic card, an elegant dinner date or other valentine surprises from their sweethearts; well, that’s something a girl wants sometimes.

I’ve read some quotes about valentine’s day and there is one line that strikes my mind — “Valentine’s Day is not about roses, chocolates & many other THINGS that involve money; it is about rewinding and upgrading the importance of love for your family, friends, a special person to you and most specially for GOD.”

Nevertheless, we have different views of celebrating valentines. And I could only say that whatever you want for this celebration as long as you are happy, even it’s the simplest one, you will be fulfilled and inspired.

Happy Hearts Day guys ! (^_^)

Never forget to wear your best SMILE:-)


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My First Day of Blogging

It’s quite awkward to think that for other people writing is a ‘horror’. But for me, it is a great gift if you have the courage to share what it is in your mind & heart.

I don’t have a subject in this blog but what I want to express is my eagerness to write (experiences, fictions, ‘drama’, or anything that pops in my mind).

I’m hoping next time I blog, it will be as long & as impressive as those written by professional bloggers. hehehehešŸ˜‰

Wish you all the good day! Keep safe!


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